brano bielik

Akin's Adventures!

Once upon a time,
(And this story is true),
There was one brave lion,
Have you heard of him too?

His proud name was Akin,
All the animals’ king,
And although self-proclaimed,
He didn’t care for fame.

One day he said: “Enough!,
Of people treating us,
The way they do,
I must act!” He knew

And so indeed he did,
The King of all humans
He went to seek,

So that they could speak

For Nenne, his only Queen,
And all of nature too,
He must try to reason with him,
But how? He had no clue!

With the help of his friends who were by his side,
Courage and passion would be their guide,
While a wicked hunter tried to end their quest
Did they succeed? Let’s read to find out the rest!

'Akin's adventures!' is a unique children's book written in an educational yet funny way.

It's about a lion that decides to find a king of humans to talk to him 'king to king'.

He’s determined to convince the king that the way humans treat animals MUST change!

The wise owl introduces him to a hooded crow that can help him assemble a team of animals from around the world.

Together they venture out into civilization in order to seek the king of humans, who may not even exist...

'Akin's adventures' can be the first book for your 8+ year old child, or you can have fun reading it together with your younger kids.

It contains about 30 pages of text and 20 beautiful full-page illustrations.